Lack of truck drivers. What is the future of the profession

Over the past few years, the demand for truck drivers has increased markedly around the world. Moreover, we are talking about both the lack of drivers for heavy trucks and small-capacity vehicles. And if the second is explained by a sharp increase in demand during the pandemic for courier services, targeted delivery of goods and products, then the shortage of drivers of large trucks is not so easy to explain. Let’s figure out what caused a sharp decrease in the number of people who want to work in this profession?

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Analysts say the shortage of truck drivers is already a worldwide problem. More than 20% of vacancies in the Eurasian labor markets are not filled. In Russia, the situation is even more serious, since the profession of a driver is one of the most common in our country. Drivers of heavy vehicles go to work in foreign companies that offer higher wages and more comfortable working conditions. The state of the domestic labor market was negatively affected by the closure of borders for migrant drivers. The real state of affairs is clearly visible in concrete figures. For example, in Tatarstan, in 2019, there were less than 6,000 driver vacancies; in 2021, the shortage of personnel reached almost 11,000 vacancies. Now companies are forced to compete among themselves in search of the most experienced and professional workers, raising wages and offering a more comfortable working regime.

What prevents to solve the problem of lack of drivers
Solving the problem with the shortage of heavy truck drivers in the domestic market requires comprehensive measures on a national scale, only in this way it will be possible to make the profession of a driver more prestigious, safer and more attractive. Moreover, the lack of experienced drivers prevents the domestic economy from recovering from the crisis.

Driver in cabin of big modern truck

According to official statistics, there are about 4,000,000 trucks registered in Russia, respectively, the number of drivers should be comparable or even greater – after all, people get sick, go on vacation and work on long-distance routes in pairs. That is why it is simply impossible to fill the deficit in such volumes quickly – there are not enough resources.

Also in Russia there are a number of other long-term problems, the solution of which is impossible without well-thought-out state programs. Bad roads, lack of repair and household infrastructure on the routes, difficult working conditions, difficulties in attracting women and young people to the profession, general aging of the workforce, insufficiently high wages and a low image of the profession, all this does not allow to solve the problem of lack of drivers quickly and without investments.